Custom Color Adjustments

We all perceive colors in our own way and often there is a need to match other decor in our homes. We always do our best to accomodate those needs. 

✓   Every 'Custom / Personalized' item has color adjustments (in addition to other customizations) already included in the price

✓   You can request color adjustments on any 'Instant Download' art print when purchasing it along with this custom Add-On

✓   You can also request FREE color adjustments  when purchasing 3 or more 'Instant Download' printables

✓   We are always happy to match colors of chosen printable art print(s) to your other decor items! Simply send a photo of the item(s) to upon placing your order 

✓   We also offer adjusting to monochromatic colors and/or modifying saturation of the artwork - in case you feel you need something more subtle or, the opposite, more bold

✓   Colors look good but you need your art print in a different size? It is always a free service from us! More info here