Why are some of the reviews without content?

Please note that most of our reviews have been imported from another platform on which we've been selling our art designs for the last 6 years. That is why you may notice slightly different formats or reviews that are contentless (showing only star rating) - since it was possible to leave such reviews on another platform. 
Here, in our standalone shop, we are using a review system where the content is required. Although we absolutely love more detailed feedback, we are also always very grateful for a simple word or two + a star rating, in case you wish to leave us a quick review.

'Photo Upload' feature

Beginning February 2021 we are enabling a 'photo upload feature' and are very excited about this! We've always loved when our customers sent us photos of our artwork already hanging at their homes! We would like to encourage our future (or repeated) customers to easily attach photos directly to their reviews, or, to send them to in case a private sharing is preferred. Either way will make us really happy! ☺