Hello & Welcome to Sunny Rain Art!

Hello! My name is Silvia, and I am the founder and the designer behind Sunny Rain Art

The beginnings

Sunny Rain Art™ was established in 2014, offering a variety of eclectic printable art designs that I created in my small Atlanta studio space. Over 10 000 sales and happy customers on an online marketplace encouraged me to open my own standalone store, where I decided to focus primarily on offering unique personalized watercolor map art keepsakes & bespoke event stationery.

Before pursuing the graphic art design path, I originally studied Geography. I found a way to incorporate maps into my designs - by creating this fun, yet elegant watercolor travel-themed stationery line.

The process

My work has always been focused on celebrating color and my absolute favorite medium is watercolor. It is a part of the design process where I can take a break from a computer screen and enjoy working with paper, paint and brush.

I make every watercolor map by using handmade abstract watercolors that I professionally scan and incorporate into my graphics. I prefer to Not use fake, digitally made watercolors that lack that beautiful texture and spontaneous feel.

However, technology plays a big role here as well. I’m glad I had the opportunity to build skills in various graphic design software. It allows me, for example, to match the colors of my watercolor designs to your event color palette, or, to a desired color combo that you choose for your personalized art print. You can also choose from whole array of beautiful typestyles to match your theme. When implementing your custom preferences, I care about every detail - I care about the highest quality graphics as an outcome.

I absolutely love creating one-of-a-kind pieces for once-in-a-lifetime days and helping others celebrate the joyous moments in life, with a cherished keepsake. I take great pride in my work and in the 5 reviews that I received and always strive to provide the best for my wonderful customers. 

The symbolism

'Sunny Rain' is a symbolic expression of a rare natural phenomenon: The simple, yet beautiful rainbow. I chose it as a symbol for my heartfelt attempts to share positive vibes through my creations. It also serves as a great reflective metaphor, since color is a vital element of visual arts, as well as water is one of the key ingredients in watercolors.

Work with me

I invite you to browse through my designs. In case you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch! (You may also find the FAQ section in the menu quite useful). Your feedback is always welcomed and very much appreciated! 

Also, please don't hesitate to contact me with a new design idea, I would love to make it come to life for you!

Would like to network? I am new to Linkedin and will be more than happy to accept your connection request!