Where can I have the purchased files printed?

You can easily print from home using your home printer and a card stock or photo paper.
For most professional results or larger prints we recommend stopping by your local print shop or using an online printing company, such as Staples, Target, Walgreens, Costco, Fedex, CVS, Walmart, Mpix, Shutterfly, York Photo, Nations Photo Lab, Easy Canvas Prints etc.

Paper recommendations

✓   For the most visually stunning final results we recommend using a thick high-quality paper, such as card stock or photo paper (80lb/220gsm or heavier)

✓   For any design that has Faux glitter/metallic graphics incorporated we strongly recommend choosing a glossy finish to accent the faux metallic/glitter effect

✓   Any watercolor / chalkboard / wood texture designs: we recommend printing those onto a quality paper with a matte finish (unless you personally prefer glossy)

Tips for Large Scale Printing / Board Prints

Several companies do large scale printing + professional mounting (or printing straight onto a board). Contact us for tips.

Canvas Printing Tips

When ordering to print a design on a canvas, please choose either a 'Color edge wrap' (matching color) or so called 'Mirror edge wrap' option - some companies have it under 'Color pull' when they sample the border of the image to use for the wrap. You can also contact us and request adjusting for a 'Full image wrap' canvas printing (always free of charge).

Print Sizes & Resizing Service

Every printable art print listed in our online store has a recommended print size stated in its description. We can also resize the image(s) to ANY size you may need, FREE of charge (even at a later time, post purchase). More info can be found here.